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By Anthony Pribudi (Our Director of Sales & Marketing, and the guy who is keeping an eye on our coffee)

First of all, let me start with saying that coffee is not always black and bitter.
I used to think that way too, until Australian baristas changed my mind (and my life to be honest). I first encountered, what we call today, third wave coffee or specialty coffee, when I lived in Sydney. I owe what I understand now about coffee to Sydney’s finest: Mecca, Single Origin, and Campos.

Coffee has some goodness and flavors that deserve appreciation, and it has become our responsibility, as a coffee “agent” in whatever sort of way, to make it known to whoever drinks a cup of it. Coffee can be fruity or floral; it can give you a rich flavor of chocolate or molasses. And may you ask me “really?” Yes, really.
The problem is not many people know or aware about this, not even those who make or sell coffee on daily basis. Not many baristas are well equipped when it comes to processing these divine beans. And it’s not their faults, really. We just have to spread the gospel out.

That is exactly what we do here at Livingstone. We invest in our baristas, I repeat, we INVEST in our baristas. We train them, teach them, take them to the farms, send them to awesome coffee schools in this country (like ABCD school of coffee in Jakarta). We work with the best coffee partners out there (like ST. ALi, Curious People Coffee Roaster, and many more). We use proper tools that the beans deserve. We are very strict with our bar SOP (yes, we always tell our team that baristas are “chefs” in their own way). Long story short, we are serious about our coffee. We want the customers know what they are drinking, and what to expect from the coffee they chose.

I hope this short blog can give you a new perspective about the coffee that you are drinking. Believe me, they are awesome! Thanks and God bless.